Good day dear uTube Downloader Unlimited  followers!

We love our users and always want to make a comfortable conditions for using our products, that`s why we provide a following tips and tricks for usage uTube Downloader Unlimited.

1) Find video

- you can find the video you want using search panel, which is located on the right top corner

- go to "Recommendations" tab and choose videos from your subscriptions

- find something interesting and recent from the "popular'' tab

2) Download video/audio

- in order to download the media use download video/download audio buttons, which are on the left side of the thumbnail [pic. 1]

- in full-size mode these icons are located on the right side  [pic. 2]

3) In progress / Completed

- download process  is displayed at "In progress" tab  [pic. 3]

- after finishing all downloading you can see in "Completed" tab, you can delete them or watch over and over again in this section  [pic. 4]

4) Location on device

To find a downloaded  media from our App go trough this path: Local Disk (C:) --> Users-->User name-->Music/Videos-->YouTube [pic. 5]

We hope this tips were useful for you. If you have additional questions or want to share your suggestions for improvement don`t be shy and contact our support team :)

Have a nice day!