Good day dear WORKBOOK XLS users!

We love our followers and always want to make a comfortable conditions for using our products, that`s why we provide a following tips and tricks for usage WORKBOOK XLS

1) Editing 

- if you want to add formula you should click on "fx" symbol, which is on the left top corner (pic. 1)

- on the left control panel you can: choose the type of the font

                                                  change/increase/decrease the size of the font

                                                  make the font bold/underlined/Italic

                                                  choose the color of the font and the background

                                                  set alignments

                                                  set borders (pic. 2 )


- on the right control panel you can: copy/cut/paste cells 

                                                    insert columns/rows/cells/sheet 

                                                    delete columns/rows/cells/sheet 

                                                    merge/unmerge cells 

                                                    sort & filter 

                                                    add formula/count cells (pic. 3)

2) Delete

- you can remove columns/rows/cells/sheet with "delete" option on the right control panel 

- use "delete" button on your PC

- cancel last action with "undo" button on the App  (pic. 4)

3) Additional features 

-  open new document/save/print options located on the top panel  (pic. 5)

-  if you want to change the language, know how to use shortcuts or explore our applications go to the settings tab  (pic. 6)

We hope this tips were useful for you. If you have additional questions or want to share your suggestions for improvement don`t be shy and contact our support team :)

Have a nice day!