Hello Flash ZIP RAR users,

we are glad to meet you at our support service! MDX team give you a detailed usage guidance for  Flash ZIP RAR application. Please follow the steps below:

On the first page of the app, you need to select the operation Unpacking or Packing files or Packing folders. 

In all operations the file picker will be opened. There you need to select the archive or file, or folder in order to begin Unpacking/ Packing. 

You are able to select only one file. 

In order to unpack the file or folder, you need to choose a place on the device where files will be extracted and after that click on Unpack.

For packing the files you need to:

1) Choose a place for the archive

2) Enter a desired name, 

3) Choose a format. 

For adding more items, please press on the buttons "Add files" and "Add folder". To start archiving, you need to press Pack.

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